Saxon/Hart is a community for the health, fitness, & beauty professionals to showcase their talents to their peers with a focus on giving back. We aim to make Saxon/Hart a place for others to be inspired through visuals, creativity, and stories.


Saxon/Hart’s mission is to promote the collaborations of the health, fitness, & beauty industry through philanthropy.

About Saxon/Hart

Saxon/Hart founder, Heidi Burkhart, is a huge advocate for building stronger confidence through health, fitness, and beauty sessions. She credits many of the health, fitness & beauty professionals for the extra boost of confidence they have brought to her.

An avid gym-goer, Heidi has competed in triathlons nationwide being the National Champion in 2009 for Athena and is currently training in Olympic Lifting with her coach in NYC. As a professional woman living and working in New York City, Heidi is surrounded by the talents of many top beauty professionals.

“I have had the strongest sense of love for myself when at the top of my fitness goals—and taking ‘me’ time to go to the salon for various services.  Hair.  Eyebrows.  Massage.  Nails.  I always walk out of the gym or the salon feeling sexy, beautiful, and confident.  This strong, rejuvenated sense of self correlates to my success in all areas of my life.”

Her appreciation for their hard work and endless passion has grown exponentially over the years prompting her to launch Saxon/Hart. Whether through participating in makeovers to inspire, or contributing inspirational personal and/or photo submissions, Saxon/Hart looks forward to building this online showcase to give credit and appreciation to the health, fitness, & beauty professionals who constantly build the confidence and beauty within us all.